Joelle Taylor author
Joelle Taylor's Debut Novel.
‘Set across geographies and timespans, replete with literary fireworks and writing to relish, this furious, gripping, dazzlingly original novel is a deep and bold investigation into violence, resilience and women’s stories’
‘C+nto is the best of hybrids: a reclamation and a proclamation; a book and a performance; a roll call and a remembrance ... A powerful celebration of an important culture.’
Roger Robinson
songs my enemy taught me
"A riot of a book, a protest for justice and peace. A book of songs that must be heard, here is a triumphant call to arms and an epic and glorious read. I have nothing but high praise for Joelle Taylor and this is her best work yet."
Salena Godden
the woman who was not there
"The title misleads us, as these are the tumultuously heart-rending words of a woman who is actually very much here, there, everywhere. Joelle Taylor has written an epic collection of raw emotion distilled into a distinctly unique style of language. Put this in your bag, on your tongue, in your chest."
Sabrina Mahfouz
smashing it
"Smashing It celebrates the exceptional works and words of 31 leading working-class artists in Britain. Featuring writing, lyrics and images by Wiley, Maxine Peake, Malorie Blackman, Riz Ahmed and many more, it also includes reflections from artists on how class has impacted their working lives."
edited by Sabrina Mahfouz
the craft
"The Craft is an indispensable guide to both the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of poetic craft in the 21st century, and essential writing-desk companion for poets at all stages."
edited by Rishi Dastidar
how to be a poet
"How to be a Poet combines advice, ideas and encouragement from experienced poets and editors in topical chapters to examine both the technical and creative dimensions of being a poet. It’s a no-nonsense manual where we’ve replaced the spanners with lots of ink, elbow grease and edits...."
edited by Jo Bell and Jane Commane
poems from a green and blue planet
"Dive into this book and be swept away on a journey around our green and blue planet, from the peak of the snowiest mountaintop to the bottom of the deepest, bluest ocean. Meet the birds circling its skies, the beasts prowling its plains, and the people toiling in its fields and forests and cities…"
edited by Sabrina Mahfouz
The Dizziness of Freedom / a poetry anthology on mental health
"This brilliant, inspiring collection not only illuminates the richness and variety of human pain, sexuality and embodiment better than any clinical text, but also shows us what language is for."
Bad Betty Press, poetry anthology
"SMEAR, a feminist collection of all female poetry, including themes of objectification, abortion, early motherhood, first kiss, body image, depression...and more"
edited By Greta Bellamacina
"It is both an uncensored exposure of truths, as well as a celebration of the strength and courage of those willing to write and talk about their experiences, using the power of language to openly address and tackle an issue that directly affects a million people every year."
Curated by poet Helen Calcutt
she growls
"Since 2013, She Grrrowls has been bringing live shows of talented women in comedy, music, poetry (and everything in between) to stages across London. In this anthology, Carmina Masoliver -founder, poet and feminist - has selected and commissioned new work from ten poets who have featured at the event over the years"
edited by Carmina Masoliver
The fifteen poets who are brought together in this collection have all read from their work at the Intwasa Arts Festival koBulawayo. There is a diversity in their work. The poems of love, of sensuality, of humour, of compassion, of yearning, of sadness, of loss and of outrage. They range from the intensely personal to reflections of life at this pivotal time in Zimbabwe's history.
a heartfull of fist
This anthology features poems from the winners of the 2015 SLAMbassadors national youth slam; as well as work developed during a transformational Arvon writing course in February 2016, led by Joelle Taylor and Anthony Anaxagorou. The poems in this book delve into personal experience; unearthing a poetry that is at once arresting, redemptive and insightful.
inter city flow anthology
“This anthology bristles, not with tamed and well-behaved, respectable poems, but with work that raises its spines, bares its claws, growls and whines with ‘exquisite realisation"
Dr Chris Thurgar-Dawson
making poetry happen
Making Poetry Happen provides a valuable resource for trainee and practicing teachers, enabling them to become more confident and creative in teaching what is recognized as a very challenging aspect of the English curriculum.
An exploration of the English language's notational conventions and quirks, Asterism is a meditation upon how to give meaning to symbols whose sole purpose is giving meaning to other symbols. Poetry readers and grammarphiles alike will enjoy this beautiful collision of signs and signified.
outspoken anthology
The first Out-Spoken anthology features poetry written from some of the UK's most revered poets. All the writers featured in the book have performed at Out-Spoken, a monthly night of poetry and live music which takes place at The Forge, Camden.
ska tissue
A collection of dangerous poetry and wild dreams from spoken word artist, poet and playwright Joelle Taylor. 'Gritty poetry, unbridled imagination, a compelling joyride' Time Out.